Are you a small business owner who has defied the odds and made your dream a success?  We want to hear from you, we profile small business owners from all across the country who have managed to thrive in spite of the statistics.

75% of businesses fail with the first five years and no matter how passionate you are or how hard you work the deck is stacked against you.  We admire the tenacity of every small business owner who plans, markets and works to make their dream a success.

The days of throwing open your doors and having your business immediately have customers are over, in today’s business climate competition is fierce and you have to be prepared to do some creative marketing to make it work.

This is where we come in, we take these success stories and shine the spotlight on them.  We focus on how they did it and how you can take these tactics and apply them to your own business.  We are here to be a resource for small business owners just like you.

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