Burger Revolution: Small Business Success Story

hamburger-494706_640How a Business May Succeed in Today’s Digital Age

When you’re starting a business, establishing a presence online is of utmost importance. This is even more true with the advent of digital media. Websites are becoming important for small and medium sized businesses in order to keep up with the bigger enterprises. Another way to build an online presence is through social media, which Burger Revolution: Small Business Success Story in Ontario, Canada has done so well.

The masterminds behind Burger Revolution have caused quite a stir in Ontario. While their food products may be delicious and eye-catching, they have enhanced their success using social media.

Keeping the Public in the Loop

The burger joint’s tactics have been simple, but very effective. The staff at Burger Revolution keep their consumers in the loop regarding the number of burgers that remain for the day. They give out information such as the amount of the specific burgers remaining. This method creates a sense of urgency among fans, making them want to purchase one of the remaining burgers. Not only will these customers enjoy a savory burger; they’ll also get the satisfaction of being one of the last few people to get one of Burger Revolution’s products for the day.

Featuring Their Loyal Customer Base

Another one of Burger Revolution’s tactics is to feature a lucky customer’s comment for the day. They simply post a picture of a specific customer’s comment on one of their posts. The fans have loved this feature as they get their dose of fame, at least for a day. This promotion has become a tradition that fans love, which keeps them coming back either to their beloved burger joint’s Facebook page, or the store itself.

A Growing Fan Base

The joint now has over 2,000 fans who have liked their Facebook page. It is highly likely that most of if not all 2,000 of those fans have taken at least a bite of their burgers. These same fans could bring even more consumers to Burger Revolution. They may be in the form of friends and family who simply want a good burger to enjoy.

A Strong Social Media Presence Is a Key to a Business’ Success

Having plenty of fans increases a small or medium sized business’ social presence. The more likes they get on social media, the more inclined people will be to try out their products. In the end, building a fan base on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are integral for the success of a growing commercial establishment.