Folly Theater: Small Business Success

Folly Theater: Small Business Success

When it comes to business, we all know a good marketing strategy is a must in order to succeed. A good way to market any product or business is through social media marketing. However, in these days, social media marketing is not enough. A good social media strategist need to know what type of approach they will do in order to build a campaign so not only does everyone understand what the business is about but that they want to share the experience. One excellent example of having a clever campaign that works is Folly Theater.

The Story of Folly Theater

Folly theater is also known as “Century Theatre”. It is also a former vaudeville hall located in downtown Kansas, Missouri. During the 1900, candidates from the Republican city noticed that the viewers of the show did not actually care when the play is being interrupted by political speeches. Since then, no one attempted to make a speech in the said theater so far.  Here is a video showing how the Folly Theater embraces old and new to bring you a unique experience.

A Unique Theater Experience

Located in Kansas, Missouri, Folly Theater brings a one of a kind event to the city in which everyone can experience in a whole new level. Instead of turning their phones off while inside the theater, the management along with Folly Theater’s staff asked their viewers to keep their phones on during the show. They allow the audience to participate in an interactive mobile app which lets the viewers interact with the cast members of the show. Using a mobile app, the viewers has the power to direct the show by simply voting on everything that is happening during the show. Basically, audience has the power to impact the performance of each cast as well as directing the flow of the show in the most interactive way so far.

Aside from the flow of the show, Folly Theater goers vote on almost everything on the set from props to costumes as well as which songs to sing by the cast members. It is definitely a good way for viewers to participate in the show and not just to sit there and watch the entire movie. And it works too!

Everyone can learn from the story of Folly Theater. It only shows that a good marketing strategy can bring positive and significant results. By creating an effective way in dealing with viewers and customers, a company is assured that they will succeed no matter how small they begin with.